I Love Tradition, that's why I Love being a NY Giant

July 11, 2019

Julian Love

“Yeah. When I saw on the ticker that it was the New York Giants, I thought, ‘Oh, of course. Like it's meant to be because of the tradition and the connection and the networking between Notre Dame and the Giants. It's just the next step,’” he said.

Love recalled how his first day inside the Giants facility, he immediately felt at ease because so many of the same core values from his days at Notre Dame existed with the Giants.

“One day on this building, and I just quickly learned how much about family and how important it is here,” Love said.

“When they won the Super Bowl in 2007, I was nine years old, and I still remember it so vividly. And now I'm here playing with some of those guys that are on those teams. It's so special.”


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